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"What's your story in just one line?"

My story is that I can help you as a writer. I have been writing professionally for over two years, and I am a creative writer, story development coach, and developmental editor for hire. I can help you build your world, create your story, and ensure that it all makes sense at the end of your journey.

How can I help you?

You probably have questions when it comes to creating a world. Maybe you have an idea for a world that no one has ever seen before, and it’s a grand idea… but where would you start on                

Or maybe you’ve written the story and have the manuscript all laid out, but need another pair of eyes to look over the tale and ensure everything all makes sense.

That is what I do, and that is how I can help you.

Everyone has the ability to tell stories, and I get those ideas out of heads and into pages.

My Personal Work

I don’t just write for others, but also write and create for myself. On this website you will see the links to my own personal blog, collections of my stories, my novels, and my work with other companies.

I’ve been writing for over 5 years online, and have written 2 fantasy novels as well as a plethora of shorter stories in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Historical genres.

You’ll be able to see and access them all, for free, in the website sidebar. My personal blog will also showcase some of my favorite writing works, as well as how I see the world through stories.

If you like the way my writing looks, then feel free to stick around. I’ve got content everywhere, and this site is designed to be a hub for everything Brady Bourassa!

Connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me an email at, and we can talk about your needs and how I can help you become someone who writes the story they see inside their head