Client Testimonials

I’ve gotten to work with a ton of amazing people! See what they have to say about me:

“Brady is an excellent communicator. He works well on a deadline,
asks questions and takes direction well, and he is flexible and cooperative. He has no shortage of creative ideas and loves to share them. His unique voice will be missed! (I only wish I had more work for him!) He is a pleasure to work with, and I will work with him again in the future.”


– Chandi Gilbert, the Gilbert Freelance Company.

“Brady has written two unique short stories for me of at least 3000 words in length. He readily takes on all of my ideas and adds depth to my descriptions of characters, settings and plot events, giving characters a real depth of personality and creating original and absorbing story lines. I thoroughly enjoy sharing ideas with him, knowing that he’ll expand on my ideas and create conflict, tension and humour in his writing where needed. He has worked with some challenging concepts and produced outstanding short stories for me, and I have no doubt that he’ll be able to take on writing commissions of all kinds with the same energy and enthusiasm. Brady has always been pleasant and easy to get on with, and I know that a bright future awaits for this talented young man.”


-James Medd.

“Brady is a talented writer and a true joy to work with. Always willing to tackle anything and do a good job with it. Look forward to working together again!”


- Laura Epke, Article Lab

"I met Brady at writer’s critique group I had joined so I could figure out a a way to edit and develop a project I had started. It was immediately obvious that his writing and attention to detail were way above average. It is because of this that I asked him to developmentally edit and look over some of the work in my project. I was impressed and asked him to join the creative team of “The Fey Realms”. Since then he has been invaluable in editing my work and assisting me creatively, especially with the large scale war events and details of troop movements. His talents don’t end there, as he can intuitively see how small group dynamics work and has shown me many scenarios that could arise when my characters are all grouped together. I would highly recommend Brady Bourassa for any job you may consider him for especially when consulting on any war, romance, and fantasy scenarios.”


-Trevor Sutton, lead creator of the Fey Realms.