Why We Quit New Year’s Resolutions… and a Way to Stop.

It’s the dawn of a new year in the world. 2019, a year filled with promise, new beginnings, and of course resolutions. Whether the resolution is to live a healthier life, complete a project, start or stop doing something, or to simply be a happier person… we all have at least one.

And we probably all quit at some point, science even states that around 8% of people keep them going year round, while 80% of resolutions fail by February. We know that resolutions are good for us and can help us become better people, and yet we still quit.

I’ve made three resolutions this year that I can’t quit on:

  • Become financially independent by June

  • Publish my first novel by August

  • Make 1,600 dollars a month by December through long-term jobs and passive income.

All these goals have consequences for my dreams. Being independent allows me to live on my own and achieve other goals in life, knowing I can dependably make a certain amount of money a month will relieve my financial stress, and publishing my first novel will be the start of my career as an author.

In order to move on and not quit from my resolutions, I turned to comic books (as I often do) and found the number one secret to ensuring that any resolution can be done. Read on and I’ll share it with you.

Hope Burns Blue

New Year’s Resolutions are based on Hope. They are affirmations and promises you make yourself and hope will come true in the coming year, and no one knows hope more than the Blue Lantern Corps.

The Blue Lanterns were formed by former Green Lantern Guardians Ganthet and Sayd in order to aid the Green Lanterns against the coming threat of the Blackest Night. The other guardians chose to ignore the prophecies and omens, but these two decided to do something about it.

Forging a ring made by the blue light of hope, they sent it out into the galaxy where it encountered a being called Saint Walker, who became the first Blue Lantern. Saint Walker was tested and found worthy of the ring, and then sought out another being filled with hope to join him.

Unlike the other Lantern Corps, who send their rings out en masse to search for recruits, the Blue Lanterns are picked and tested by hand over a three day period. So Saint Walker picked the next member of the corps, then that member picked the third member, who picked the fourth and so on. Because of this, the Corps is the smallest of all, but also the most powerful.

The Powers of Hope

According to the DC database, the Blue Lantern Corps “are meant to aid other benevolent wielders of the emotional spectrum rather than replace them.” So unlike other corps that seek to spread their emotion, the Blue Lanterns are a supplement. Because of this as well as the inspiring qualities of Hope, the Blue Lantern Corps is considered the most powerful of all ring wielders.

The Blue Lantern Ring also has a few additional benefits not found in the other Corps. For one thing, it does not need to be charged. The other rings all have a charging period, with the length of time between charges changing depending on the author (although it’s normally 24 hours.) Instead, it is powered by the hope of the user, so it never needs to be charged and can function as long as the user or those around the user remain hopeful.

In addition, the ring also functions as a supercharger for Willpower. A Blue Lantern on his own can fly, create force fields, energy constructs, energy blasts, and is powered by his own hope. But if we look back at the DC database again:

“The primary function of any Blue Lantern Ring is the capacity to re-energize and supercharge the powers of a Green Lantern ring. For just as a green ring enables a blue ring to use its fullest functions a blue ring can augment the powers of a green one.”

So when a Green Lantern and a Blue Lantern are in close proximity to one another, they complement each other’s rings through Willpower symbiosis, leading to a few new powers for the Blue Lantern:

Rage Removal: If a subject is infected with a red ring of Rage (Which, much like real rage, will eat the host up from the inside out) the ring can project hope onto the subject and calm them down, ending the rage and the ring’s power over them.

Avarice Control: For those armed with the orange light of Avarice, the Blue Lantern ring can sate their greed and hunger, enabling them to control their power. In addition, the Blue Lantern ring cannot be affected or drained by the power of Avarice.

Fear Immunity: The wielders of the Blue light are able to drain the energy of yellow power rings.

However, despite their great power, Hope is also the weakest Lantern Corps. Not only because there are so few members at a time, but also because Hope is the easiest thing to abandon in times of crisis.

Why do I need to know this?

Yes I know if you’ve read down this far you are waiting for the secret to make your resolution last all year. Well here it is:

Hope cannot function without the will to enact it, and willpower must be recharged.

Look at it from a non-comic perspective if you’re still confused: Let’s say that your resolution is to go to the gym three times a week so you can fit into those skinny jeans. That vision of you in your jeans and 'x' amount of pounds lighter is your hope.

Willpower comes in when you have to drag yourself out of bed, away from the TV, and to the gym to do the daily workout. It’s fun for a while, or at least bearable, but eventually, your will to do so dies down. You’ve got other stuff to do, and it’s just so hard… so you quit.

However, as I said before, Hope doesn’t need to be recharged because you can hold onto a dream for as long as you want. The willpower to enact that dream does. So when you feel like you don’t want to go to the gym, recognize that it’s a hurdle in your path to success and make a plan to get rid of it.

Take the dog for a walk instead, walk around the mall and take the stairs, walk to and from your favorite restaurant. Make working out fun and you’ll be energized. Write down the places you’ll wear those new jeans or the emotion you’ll feel after having lost those pounds, and remind yourself why you are working so hard now.

Or do an activity that always calms you down or helps you de-stress instead. For me, it’s playing music or a video game, and as long as you regulate that time then there’s no harm in it.

Recharging willpower on occasion is the one thing that will keep you going on your resolution, and I’m going to try it this year.

Will you?