You’ve been staring at the blank page for hours now. The ideas are raging against your brain like a torrent of water, but something stops them from getting out. Eventually, you put down your pen, close your word processor, and walk away with the same bitter thought: “I’ll just write my book next year”

How many times have you gone through the same loop? The loop of not knowing how to start, while you fight the self-doubt about your idea every step of the way? If this goes on, you’ll never write your book. 

But what if you had someone at your side? Someone to talk you through the resistance, to quash that self-doubt, and to shatter every obstacle in your way to finally get your story written? Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

What if you had a dedicated coach, who’s only purpose was to help you tell your story?

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of doing anything is getting started

• If you want to eat right, you’ll have to start going to the salad bar

• If you want to play soccer, you’ll need to learn the drills

• If you want to write a story, you’ll need to write

Here’s the thing, while doing soccer drills and eating salad might seem hard as you build up to them… Once you do them, you feel the urge to do it again. Writing is the same way, and once you start getting words on the page, you might never stop.

Until you do.

Eventually, The Resistance Sets In.

• “I’ll skip the salad for the extra dessert, just this once”

• “Got to soccer practice late, I guess I don’t need to make up the drills”

• “A TV marathon is on, I don’t have time to write today”

Then, you fall down the slippery slope as it becomes easier to put off your goals. Until finally, you stop eating right, playing soccer, and writing. Then you are back to the same place you were before. It becomes harder and harder to restart that initial progress, and eventually, it just sputters out.

You might spend months or years going through the same loop, again and again, never making any progress and staying still. No one wants that.

It's Time To Breakout

The key to breaking out of the loop is to keep the momentum going and to have total confidence in the story you want to create. Whether you want to get started with your first novel, have an idea for a short story sitting on the backburner, or just want to share your ideas with someone, you can’t do it alone.

You need someone at your side to give you motivation, support, and occasional pushes when your momentum starts to fade. You need someone to inspire confidence, someone who will supercharge you into getting your ideas out of your head and onto the page.

I Will Be Your Guide

Imagine, after long months of work, typing ‘the end’ on your finished draft.

You’ll have your story complete, and not only do you have a fully functioning manuscript, but you also have the confidence that the idea and worldbuilding behind it are sound. You can share your story with friends and family, publish it in writing contests, sell your book traditionally and on Amazon.

The best part is, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to get started on your next story. Nothing’s holding you back anymore, and you can keep writing great, well thought out stories.

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

Starting a story can seem like a monumental task, with all those plots, characters, and ideas to consider, to say nothing of the word count, but consider these facts:

Stories can be anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 words long, and if you wrote 1,000 words a day, you could crank out a novel in one to three months minimum.

Every story has a solid foundation. That can be the hero’s journey, the boy meets girl story, or thousands of other tropes and patterns. The foundation is already laid for you, you just need to make it your own.

Worldbuilding simply requires questions and answers to be asked and thought over. If you can ask questions, you can world build like the greats.

The process of building a novel, a world, and a story that will have readers constantly flipping their pages to the end is easier than you might think. You have a story inside of you, and I can help you get it out without any trouble.

You don’t have to walk the path to a great story alone, and instead, you can rely on someone who has been in your shoes. I can help you get to where you need to be.


What Do You Get With Me?

I’ve been writing for almost 15 years, and the single best thing I can give any prospective writer and worldbuilder is this. Communication.

All my packages come with email support, allowing us to keep in touch outside of the calls, answer questions, and for you to never be alone in your writing journey. I know how important communication is for writers, and I also know that writer’s block doesn’t conform to a schedule. That’s why I don’t either.

You also will always get 1-hour Skype or Zoom calls every week for the duration of our time together, along with resources, call debriefings, and detailed notes about your story.

Note: I’m an introvert who’s comfortable with Skype calls, but if you aren’t comfortable… then no problem! Reach out anyway and we can do a text-based system without any trouble.

Depending on where you are in the writing process, you will also receive resources that are tailor-made for you. Find out where you fall in the packages below

No-Risk For You

Finally, I offer a free 20-minute consultation call. I don’t do cookie-cutter lesson plans, and the free call is often a great way to get in touch and learn more about one another. Sign up for your free call here.

The story inside of you is hammering to get out, so don’t let this be another year of putting it off. Instead work with a coach who can help you shatter writer’s block, build your world to perfection, and help you finally get your story out there into the world.

The worldbuilder's package 


Perfect for beginners who need help building their own story’s world.

* 6 weeks of coaching

* Dedicated world building of your story from the ground up.

*Detailed Post Call Debriefings and Action Items.

The story starter's package


A package designed for those who have a world, without a story 

* 6 weeks of coaching

* A ‘cleaning out’ template to get rid of world builder’s disease.

* A developmental critique of your first chapter

*A Personalized Story Outline

* Detailed Post Call Debriefings and Action Items.

the story writer's package


A package for those who have a story written, but just need another pair of eyes or are stuck with questions

* 8 weeks of coaching

* Three extra 1-hour calls

* Detailed Post Call Debriefings and Action Items.

* Questionnaire templates to unstick your brain and get your story done.

* My Endgame PDF, designed to help you gauge the strength of your story’s ending.

* A developmental critique of your whole novel.

* Tracked changes, comments, and a full debrief of the developmental critique, where we’ll walk through the novel together.