Do You *Really* Want To Write Your Novel?

The white page and blinking cursor mock you.

You’ve been sitting at your computer for hours, straining and slaving away to get any progress done on your novel idea. The idea that you are sure is going to rock the world. Everything is there, you have your coffee, your comfy chair, and a laptop with a full battery.


But the ideas never come, so you close the computer and bitterly shove your novel into the ‘do it later category’ where it will rest alongside gym memberships and health plans and all the other things you've been putting off. Waiting and lonely until you dust it off and repeat the same pattern over and over again.

Why wait any longer?

Imagine finally being able to present a finished novel to all your friends and family. You’ll see the disbelief on their faces slowly give way to joy and congratulations.

They won’t doubt you, or your dream of becoming a writer. Instead, they’ll be clamoring all about your book. They won’t be the only ones either, because now that you’ve finished your book, why not go all the way and attempt to get it published? Why not try to sell it? Or even better, get started on writing another?

Having It Done

There’s nothing more relieving than finally typing ‘The End’ on your finished novel. Finally, all the characters, plots, and scenes are all wrapped up in a nice bow, and you’ll be able to look back on the life of your story and smile.

Maybe you want to go out and celebrate, and make use of all your new free time?


Maybe money is your goal, and you want to get that finished novel up on Amazon or into the hands of a traditional publisher.


Perhaps your novel is a point of pride? Something that you can point too and say “See that, I did it!”


Or maybe you are just writing a story to make someone smile or allow an escape from this world.


Whatever the reason you are writing this novel, you should want to finish it for something. The finish line with all its possibilities is just up ahead, where you can cross over into a wide and ever-growing community of authors.


But you have to finish the novel first.

Not Everyone Is Like You

It’s easy to give up.

In fact, over 92% of people give up on their goals. That means only 8% of people achieve them! Throwing in the towel is easy, but you’ve never taken the easy path before.


You know that there is a novel inside of you, and that novel is going to keep on kicking you until you get it out. You want to write it, but something is holding you back.

  • “The world I’ve built is too complicated, and half of my book is an info dump that no one wants to read.”

  • “I’ve created the ultimate bad guy that no one can stop… including my characters. I have no idea how to have the good guys win."

  • “There’s this one scene that I know will tie the book together, and needs to be written before anything else, but I just can’t get it right!”

  • “I want to write, but I lack the time and motivation to start the next chapter. I’ll just wait until inspiration strikes!”

Do those quotes sound familiar? Well, thankfully, all those problems are solvable, and they can be solved by an easy thing that you do every single day.


But not just talking about the problems and making them bigger. Instead, you need to discuss your story problems with someone who has faced those problems before and who knows how to help you.


Are you champing at the bit to get writing, and steamroll over every excuse in your way?

Allow Me to Introduce: Me!

My name is Brady Bourassa, and I was just like you once. My first novel was a trial by fire because it had to be written for school… and it had to be written in 10 months. The resulting story: “The Chains that Bind” was written in that time, and totals 56,000 words.

That’s almost 6,000 words a month, and that didn’t include accounting for schoolwork and other activities. So if I can do it, then so can you. I was able to write a novel in less than a year, and I have no doubt you can too.

That’s why I’m offering my “Ready, Set, Write” Novel Writing coaching package to all the stuck authors out there. I will be your guide for the next three months, as we seek to knock out the excuses, blockages, and false starts that have prevented your novel from becoming a reality.

With my coaching and aid, you’ll be well on your way to getting your novel done.

What You Get With Me

My "Ready, Set, Write" coaching package is different from anything else I’ve offered before. It’s designed to have you get up and on the path to completing your own story.

  • 15 weeks of dedicated coaching on YOUR Novel. That’s 15 calls, 15 debriefings, and 15 weeks of email support.

  • A full developmental edit on the writing you have so far.

  • Access to my Top Three Questions PDF that will shatter your writer’s block

  • Handpicked and Customized Resources to help keep the flow of ideas churning in your mind.

  • Access to my ‘Novel Progress Sheet’ - A formula that will show you exactly how close you are to being done with your novel.

I’ll walk with you on the path to getting your novel finished and wrapped up with a bow. With a dedicated coach who is invested in your work helping you along, you won’t have to worry about losing sight of your story.

Imagine how it would feel to stop worrying about all the potential pitfalls of novel writing and instead to just write!


That’s what you get with me.

I've Got More!

This program requires dedication on both our parts. For you to make some major progress on your novel, you’ll have to work, and I’m going to give you all the resources you need to succeed.

I want to give you the best chance to write your story and get it finished, so before I tell you how to order this program, let me share some bonus items with you!

In addition to everything mentioned above, you’ll also get:

  • My Villains Plot Line Checklist: Most bad guys or antagonists aren’t just sitting around for the hero to defeat them. They’ve got plans of their own, and knowing them can provide a real twist to the story.

  • My Idea Generation Collection: Access to the dozens of Websites, Generators, and idea building tools that I use in my own writing. All for free and in one convenient place.

  • An additional three calls that you can schedule anytime! That’s 18 calls total because I believe in true communication. I also know that the pitfalls of writing a novel don’t conform to a schedule, so neither do I.

What's the Price?

I can already hear you screaming this question at your screen. What do you have to do to get this package of goodies for yourself?

How much will you have to pay to get started on the first story of the rest of your writing life?

Well, since this is double the amount of my $3,000 package, I could charge 6,000 dollars for it.

With all the extra resources and content, I could charge 5,000 dollars for it.


Even at my lowest price, I should be charging 4,000 dollars!


But I won’t. While money is important to me, it’s overshadowed by the full commitment I have to you and your novel.


So you’ll get my end of the year novel writing package for a grand total of… $3,597

Please, Stop Waiting

There's no better time to start writing your novel up

Don’t let this be another year where you place your novel-writing dreams up on the shelf. Instead, take action, hire a coach, and get that story done.

What would a finished story be worth to you? The admiration of your friends and family? The pride of having a book with your name on it? The knowledge that you wrote one book and could very well write another?

Think about your life as an author, and then click here to schedule a free consultation call. Then we can get the ball rolling and start writing your story.

P.S: Did I mention there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a payment plan available? Click here to see them!